How Can I Resell My Concert Tickets on Several Sites at Once?

Events like unexpected illnesses or upset travel plans may cause you to be unable to use your concert tickets. Instead of letting those tickets go to waste, list them online to increase your chances of selling them. Lysted provides high-quality ticket resale services to simplify the selling process for our customers. Here is more information about how you can resell concert tickets:

Find a Listing Platform


Find a listing platform for selling concert ticketsFinding an online ticket listing platform will help simplify the process of reselling tickets. Third-party platforms like Lysted allow you to put your tickets up for sale on multiple marketplaces simultaneously. This process is not possible for individual sellers, as private sellers listing on multiple sites may experience double-selling, resulting in fines from the marketplaces. Reputable resale platforms help you avoid these fines while reaching a broader audience of credible customers.

Lysted is a simple online platform that will sell your tickets through companies like Stubhub, Seatgeek, Vivid Seats, and other reputable vendors. This makes your tickets widely available to potential customers worldwide. The more online platforms that display your tickets, the greater your likelihood of a successful sale. We also allow you to sell tickets for a wide range of events. The ability to list tickets for different events creates a space for diverse buyers to explore a range of experiences.

Set the Price


When reselling concert tickets by yourself, you have to evaluate the price range for tickets on each website. Some websites may sell tickets to your event at a higher price, while others may offer competitive deals. When using several sites at once, carefully monitor the pricing for each page. It can take a significant amount of time to manually adjust prices for different platforms.

With Lysted, we simplify the pricing process. We have helpful tools that monitor the prices on different websites and automatically adjust to market conditions. This verifies that you offer competitive pricing to customers while also making a profit on your sales.

Sell the Tickets


If you sell tickets online without a third-party platform, you will need to closely monitor the website to interact with potential buyers and complete the transaction. Using a third-party platform like Lysted streamlines the sales process. Once your tickets have been sold on one platform, we automatically remove the listing from the other platforms. This protects you from double sales that could cause marketplaces to charge fines to your account. Our team will notify you as soon as your tickets are sold so that you don't have to check on them regularly or negotiate with buyers.

Receive Your Earnings


receive your earnings for selling concert ticketsWhen selling tickets through individual websites, you will have to set up a payment method through their platform. Some platforms may not offer reliable payment timing or secured transactions. These payment methods may make you vulnerable to identity theft and fraud. When you sell tickets on your own, you must confirm that the platform is secure and that you are selling to a trustworthy buyer.

When your tickets are sold through Lysted, we offer fast fund distribution. We will securely send your earnings to your bank account within a few weeks of the sale. You can list tickets on our website for free, and we only charge a small service fee after you sell the tickets. This eliminates the extra step of verifying your buyer's identity and setting up a secure payment method.

Resell Concert Tickets With Lysted


Lysted provides a comprehensive resale platform for your concert tickets. Our platform allows you to create a single listing that is posted to numerous marketplaces, eliminating the need to manage individual website accounts. It is free to create a ticket listing with Lysted. To learn more about our listing process, reach out to our team today.