How to Sell Concert Tickets: Quick & Easy Guide for 2024

Are you looking for advice on how to sell concert tickets online in 2024? Good news, you’re in the right place.

Ticket reselling has become a huge industry and is now worth over $2.6b, growing at a rate of over 9.7% annually. Whether you’re looking to tap into the lucrative market as a primary income stream or a side hustle, this quick guide will teach you the best way to sell concert tickets and answer all of your key questions, such as:

  • What is the best site to sell concert tickets on?
  • How can I sell my concert tickets for the best price?
  • What steps can be taken to make selling event tickets run smoothly?
  • How can I resell concert tickets in larger quantities?
  • How do I resell concert tickets without financial risk?

Whether you’re ready to resell concert tickets today or want to learn a little more about the process before potentially starting a business in this lucrative field, here’s all you need to know.


1. Finding the Best Platform 


When wondering how to resell concert tickets, the first question you must ask is “Where to sell concert tickets?”

There are many different platforms and sites to sell tickets on, but the best place to resell tickets is a platform that allows you to fetch the highest price in the most convenient way. Lysted stands out as the ultimate solution for all sellers, regardless of ticket volumes. For starters, as well as concert tickets, it is the best option for how to sell a festival ticket and the best place to sell sports tickets.

More importantly, though, Lysted allows you to sell your event tickets fast by reaching the biggest possible audience. This is because it is not a marketplace but a third-party platform that allows you to list your concert tickets on thousands of marketplaces from one account. This includes many of the biggest-selling marketplaces, including Ticketmaster, StubHub, Vivid Seats, SeatGeek, Ticket Network, Gametime, Ticket Evolution, and TickPick.

Better still, it is 100% free to list your concert tickets via the platform and you only pay a commission after completing a sale. It is the best way to resell tickets for many reasons, with key benefits including:

  • Sell your concert tickets across thousands of platforms,
  • Save yourself the repetitive process of listing on individual sites,
  • Save money when you re-sell concert tickets due to no listing fees,
  • Keep track of your resale concert tickets and revenue in one place,
  • Automatically have ticket listings removed from all sites after a sale, avoiding double-selling fees.

Lysted is the best place to sell tickets online because it allows you to leverage success from all of the main marketplaces. Moreover, you can be sure that your event tickets will only be listed on legitimate sites. 


2. Pricing Your Concert Tickets


Knowing where to sell concert tickets provides a solid platform to build upon. However, pricing the event tickets is a particularly important part of the process that you must not overlook. It is a balancing act in which you must:

  • Pricing Your Concert TicketsSet a price that covers the cost of buying the ticket including all fees, as well as your selling commission fees, while still leaving some profit.
  • Find a pricing model that will still attract buyers, especially when looking at how to sell concert tickets fast. 
  • Factor in the potential losses of unsold tickets, particularly if you are a high-volume seller looking at how to sell tickets online in 2024 and beyond.

When thinking about how to sell concert tickets in a profitable way, it’s also necessary to take a host of other factors into account. The average concert ticket now costs around $250, while there can be a huge fluctuation between the cheapest seats and the front row or VIP tickets.

Likewise, it’s important to consider supply and demand as you price and sell your concert tickets. If you have tickets to watch a global start in a small 500-seater venue, you will find that your markup percentage is far higher. When you look to resell concert tickets online, it is also worth noting that the day of the week can have a huge impact on the prices.


3. Promoting Your Concert Tickets


When thinking about how to resell tickets, one of the big challenges stems from getting your tickets seen. Professional ticket resellers account for half of all tickets resold on selling platforms, which means you will be in competition with them. So, selecting the right promotion tactics is the best way to resell concert tickets. 

Choosing Lysted naturally helps as your tickets will be promoted in multiple places. However, you could also run a small targeted PPC campaign, especially if you have a lot of tickets for a specific event. Alternatively, leaving comments on forums related to the artist is another great way to help sell your concert tickets. 

Ultimately, though, if you use the best site to sell tickets and make your tickets attractive through competitive pricing, having sought-after seats, or making it clear that you can sell group tickets, you won’t go wrong. 


4. Ensuring a Smooth Transaction


When asking “How can I sell my tickets?”, you must also put yourself in the client’s shoes. If they have been prepared to pay more than the face value price for the ticket, it is clearly an event that they want to attend. Removing their worries is essential. 

The best websites to sell concert tickets will feature secure eCommerce payment points and send confirmation emails. Meanwhile, platforms like Lysted can automate the processing from your side. You can take this to the next level by sending confirmation that the tickets have been posted, along with a tracking order. In today’s climate, e-tickets are commonplace too. Opting for this route allows you to send resale concert tickets immediately.

Providing a smooth transaction may also help you build a positive relationship leading to future sales and a better reputation on the selling platform. Therefore, maintaining a professional approach underpinned by clear communication is easily the best way to sell tickets if you wish to enjoy a convenient and stress-free process.


5. Maximizing Ticket Sales


Knowing how to sell concert tickets is one thing, but maximizing sales is another. Some of the best ways to do this are:

  • Always ensure that your tickets are competitively priced,Maximizing Ticket Sales
  • Be prepared to take a loss on undesirable tickets - something is better than nothing,
  • Don’t allow yourself to be left with single-seated tickets,
  • Time your listings - learning to sell last-minute tickets can work wonders,
  • Offer potential buyers as much information as possible.

Reselling tickets isn’t only a matter of luck. Therefore, learning how to resell tickets online by making your listings more attractive is vital. Lysted training, for example, allows you to develop tactics while also saving valuable time.


6. Handling Ticket Refunds


Ticket refunds are a potential threat to the business endeavor. While buyers are protected on resale sites, it is their responsibility to check that they have made the right purchase. When you sell your tickets online, you do not have to worry about refunding someone because they ordered tickets for the wrong date or venue. After all, they can always resell the tickets themselves.

The only time that you will need to refund a customer due to your listing is if you have added misleading details. Meanwhile, when you consider how to sell a concert ticket online, you should also consider potential cancellations. In this instance, you will need to issue a refund to your customer. However, you will naturally gain a refund from the artist/venue/primary sale vendor. Nonetheless, it often makes sense to avoid using your sales money until after the concert.


7. Boosting Ticket Sales with Social Media


If you have found the best place to sell concert tickets, you should complete all sales through this platform. Nonetheless, if you have a ticket reselling business, building a brand may be the best way to sell tickets online with optimized results.

Social media platforms are a great outlet to tell followers about your availability of tickets. You can also use hashtags related to the artist or event to gain further visibility when reselling sports tickets, music tickets, or entertainment tickets. As long as you know which social media sites are used by different demographics, it should be fairly easy to promote your tickets on the right site. 


8. Effective Strategies for Selling Concert Tickets


Learning how to sell concert tickets online means building a strong strategy. It starts with finding the best place to sell event tickets but should extend to various key elements. Some of our top tips for new sellers who have been asking “How can I sell my concert tickets?” are detailed below:

  • Effective Strategies for Selling Concert TicketsWhen you land tickets for a big concert in a pre-sale, get them listed right away. People who missed out will be eager to buy and may pay more, especially if they miss out on the general sale phase too.
  • Try to land VIP tickets and sought-after seats. When you target the cheap seats, a 50% markup won’t earn you that much money. Besides, people who were prepared to pay big money are less likely to care about paying over the odds.
  • Use social media to your advantage when looking to sell last-minute tickets because FOMO (fear of missing out) is at its highest in the days leading up to the big concert or festival.
  • When selling tickets for big events, try to have a large stock but create multiple listings. The perceived scarcity may force buyers to act while you can sell the extra tickets to people who missed out.
  • Try not to have tickets for only one event as a lack of demand could hit you hard. As well as looking at different artists, you could achieve fluidity by having tickets for each night at the same venue.

Whichever strategies you wish to implement when considering how to resell concert tickets, it’s vital that you gain visibility across all major marketplaces. Sign up for Lysted today and your tickets will be promoted on thousands of sites at the click of a button.


Disclaimer: This is meant as an educational blog, this is in no way financial or business advice. Please do your own research and use your judgment when purchasing and re-selling tickets.