What Do I Do After My Concert Tickets Sell Online?

Several steps are required when you sell concert tickets online, from listing the event information to confirming the purchase. A bulk of the effort comes after the sale as you work to get the tickets to the buyer and receive payment. At Lysted, our user-friendly platform is designed to simplify each step of the ticket-selling process. Here are some things you can do to complete your transaction.

Confirm the Purchase With the Ticket Platform


Confirm the Purchase With the Ticket PlatformLysted posts your tickets across multiple online platforms for increased visibility. When you sell a ticket on one of these sites, you will receive an email confirmation outlining the details of the sale. Save that confirmation for your records to help address any questions that may arise regarding the transaction.

Posting tickets on multiple platforms can improve the chances of selling them, but it also presents the potential for a double sale. Lysted helps prevent this by immediately removing the listing from all sites once we receive confirmation of purchase.

Transfer the Tickets to the Buyer 


You remain in possession of your tickets until you sell and transfer them to the buyer. Transferring them to another party involves mailing the physical passes, sending a downloadable file for an e-ticket or mobile QR code, or transferring them directly to the buyer's ticketing account. The designated method will depend on the ticket format and the selling marketplace's policies.

After you've transferred the tickets, make sure to maintain proof of the transfer. Lysted requires this proof to inform the marketplace that you fulfilled the sale. This process helps protect you from potential penalties or late order cancellations after you have already sent the tickets. Accurate documentation also provides answers to transactional concerns, such as whether the tickets were sent before the required in-hand date.

Contact the Buyer Directly 25-1


One reason to contact a buyer directly is to address what to do if a concert is canceled. You may be able to coordinate with the buyer to identify the rescheduled date rather than refunding the tickets. At Lysted, we have a dedicated support team available to help you in the event of a cancellation. Our team provides guidance for navigating the situation, enabling you to come to a fair resolution with the buyer.

Watch for Your Payment


You will receive payment for your sold tickets after they have been transferred. Lysted aims to send your payments within two weeks of the tickets being delivered to their buyers, minimizing your payout wait times. You can review the selling platform's fee schedule before listing your tickets to determine how much of the purchase price the site will retain. Fee rates can fluctuate depending on the current market or the number of tickets you sell.

Our site provides a transparent and detailed breakdown of our rate schedule. We also provide volume discounts if you plan to sell many tickets.

List Additional Tickets


You can list additional tickets with our online platform at any time. If you have previously sold your tickets manually and would prefer to simplify the process, you can view our fully automated options. Lysted is equipped to automate the entire selling process, from setting a competitive price to delivering your tickets to their buyers.

24-2Sell Concert Tickets Online With Lysted


The effort required to transfer your tickets and get paid after the sale can impact your overall selling experience. At Lysted, we provide you with a customized level of control over the process. You can choose to manage the process yourself or automate it from beginning to end.

List with us today to post your tickets on over two thousand websites and apps.