What Is the Best Way To Resell Tickets?

One of the best ways to resell concert tickets is to list them across multiple online platforms and marketplaces. Users must remain vigilant against double-selling, as this can stem from steep marketplace fees. Lysted takes care of the logistics involved in listing and managing your tickets, simplifying the process of finding a buyer at your desired price point. Say goodbye to concerns like double-selling and hello to a straightforward, easy process that ensures you sell your tickets and receive payment quickly.

Selling Concert Tickets With LystedSelling Concert Tickets With Lysted


There are many different online platforms to sell your tickets on, and Lysted partners with thousands of them. Listing your tickets on various leading websites and apps can help you sell them faster without lowering your asking price. Completing this process yourself is often time-consuming, both when you initially list your tickets and when you need to take your listings down after they sell.

The Lysted process is easy to follow and addresses these pain points. We designed our process to be fast and easy, allowing you to follow these three simple steps to sell your tickets:

Price Your Tickets

Start by pricing your tickets. If you don’t know how to determine a listing price, our data and pricing tool, Uptick, can provide you with helpful insights. These tools use past ticket sales and market conditions to help you decide on a listing price — our goal is to help you choose a price that will sell without underpricing your tickets.

Place Your Tickets on Thousands of Marketplaces

One of the most difficult parts of selling your concert tickets is listing them on all the marketplaces you can when there are over two thousand ticket apps and websites. Our service completes this task for you. It also removes them from all platforms when they sell, preventing the tickets from accidentally being sold to multiple buyers, which can carry marketplace fees and penalties.

Get Paid

After you sell your tickets on one of our partnered marketplaces, you can get paid. We provide a bank deposit a few short weeks after the tickets are delivered to the buyers. There's no need to wait for the event date before receiving your payment.

Exploring the Benefits


You can utilize our platform to sell tickets to various events, from concerts to sporting games. If you're a season ticket holder or have an upcoming event you can no longer attend, list them on our platform and sell them before they expire. Here are some of the benefits of listing your tickets with Lysted:

Free Listing and Low Fees

It is completely free to list your tickets on Lysted. Once you sell your tickets, you can expect to pay around 11% of your list price. This covers the selling marketplace fee and our fee. This can vary based on the marketplace that they sold on. If you are selling lots of tickets, you may be able to lower this fee by up to 40% by taking advantage of our volume discount tiers.

Automated and User-Friendly InterfaceAutomated and User-Friendly Interface

Lysted can automate every part of the ticket-selling process, including the listing, pricing, and delivery of your tickets. This makes finding the right buyer easier and more efficient. Our interface was also designed to be user-friendly and straightforward to navigate. Once you list your tickets with Lysted, we take care of the rest.

Helpful Support

We offer helpful customer service and support seven days a week. We are happy to answer questions and assist you in selling your tickets. If you need support, simply reach out through email or chat from your Lysted account at any time, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Resell Concert Tickets With Lysted


Listing your concert tickets on Lysted is a prime way to resell them. We make it easy to list and manage your tickets by adding them to thousands of online marketplaces. Our process is straightforward, and our pricing tools are designed to help you get top dollar for your tickets. Resell your concert tickets with Lysted today.