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Selling Broadway theater tickets is simple with Lysted! Lysted is tailor-made for effortless and secure resale of Broadway theater tickets. If you have tickets for a Broadway show that you can't use, Lysted is your go-to solution for a hassle-free selling experience. We make it easy to learn how to sell Broadway tickets and connect you with an audience eager for the magic of Broadway. 

With Lysted, you're just a few clicks away from successfully reselling your Broadway theater tickets, ensuring they find a new home with theater enthusiasts. Here’s how to sell Broadway tickets with Lysted and why you’ll love the process!

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How To Sell Broadway Tickets


Utilize Lysted's state-of-the-art pricing tools and historical data to net you top dollar for your Broadway theater tickets. We respond to market conditions to ensure you're never underpriced.


There are over two thousand ticket websites and apps. With Lysted your Broadway theater tickets will be available on them all. And when they sell somewhere, they're instantly removed elsewhere.


Lysted will securely distribute your funds via bank deposit a few weeks after the Broadway theater tickets are delivered to buyers. Waiting months until the event takes place to receive your payment is a thing of the past.

Lysted: The Best Way to Resell Broadway Tickets

Whether you seek to capitalize on Broadway play tickets for a financial gain or find yourself with an extra ticket for a performance you won't attend, Lysted streamlines the process, providing an exceptionally easy avenue for selling your Broadway play tickets.

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At Lysted, we feature your Broadway tickets for resale across thousands of websites simultaneously, guaranteeing unmatched exposure.

Once your tickets are sold on one platform, we promptly remove them from all others, alleviating the worry and financial strain of unintentionally selling your tickets to multiple buyers.

100% Free
to List

Placing your Broadway theater tickets for resale on Lysted is entirely free, allowing you to optimize your earnings.

We only charge a fee when your resale Broadway tickets are sold, and our reduced rates, coupled with valuable partnerships with major ticket exchanges, mean more money in your pocket.


When you team up with Lysted, you unlock access to exceptional support that sets us apart from the competition. Our dedicated team is available seven days a week, standing by to help you with the process of selling your Broadway theater tickets.

Get Paid

Why wait for the event to be over to receive your hard-earned funds? At Lysted, we prioritize your financial well-being by passing along our preferred payment terms with ticket exchanges.

Just a few weeks after delivering your resale Broadway tickets to buyers, we ensure that your payments are swiftly and securely deposited directly into your bank account.

Automated VIP

Welcome to the future of Broadway theater ticket selling. Our user-friendly interface puts you in control of every aspect, from inventory management to payments.

We can automate the listing, pricing, and delivery of your Broadway theater tickets. It’s the perfect balance between manual control and effortless efficiency, empowering you to sell your tickets on your own terms.


Concert Ticket Reselling with Lysted

In our Broadway ticket selling reviews section you'll discover a curated space dedicated to the experiences of sellers who have chosen Lysted for their Broadway ticket transactions. Within these reviews you'll discover the accounts of individuals who have successfully prospered in the realm of Broadway ticket sales through the Lysted platform.

Evan S

 I’ve used Lysted multiple times to sell my tickets and they have the most user-friendly and supportive staff out there! 10/10 recommend using Lysted! 

Jason C

I’ve used Lysted for about a month now. I did interview a couple of other companies that provide similar services. I went with Lysted because I felt their customer service was superior. It is a good feeling to be right. They have blown all expectations out of the water. I highly recommend Lysted for anyone that could be of use of fulfillment services. 

Bryan S

I’ve been using Lysted for several months now. Their customer service is great and fees are transparent. I am happy with their service! 5 stars! 


Frequently Asked Questions About Selling Broadway Theater Tickets

Lysted is your definitive partner for all your Broadway theater ticket reselling needs. Our platform ensures that reselling Broadway theater tickets is not just a transaction, but a smooth, secure, and satisfying experience. We connect you with a community that shares your passion for Broadway theater and we make the most of your ticket for a Broadway show. Choose Lysted for your Broadway theater ticket resale journey and see how we redefine the art of ticket reselling with your ticket to Broadway.

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Which marketplaces do you list on?

Where’s the best place to sell tickets for a Broadway show? We have partnerships with various marketplaces, including popular platforms like Ticketmaster, StubHub, Vivid Seats, Seatgeek and many more! Your Broadway theater tickets will be listed on multiple platforms simultaneously, maximizing exposure and increasing your chances of a successful sale.

Full list of marketplaces includes

✔️ Vivid Seats
✔️ Stubhub
✔️ Seatgeek
✔️ Ticketmaster
✔️ Ticket Network
✔️ Gametime
✔️ Ticket Evolution
✔️ GoTickets
✔️ TickPick

Plus thousands of individual ticket broker "retail" websites

Is it free to list my Broadway theater tickets on your platform?

Yes, it is absolutely free to list your Broadway theater tickets on our platform. You only pay a fee once your resale Broadway tickets are sold, ensuring that you can showcase your tickets to potential buyers without any upfront costs. Fees vary depending on where your tickets sell, as each website we sell through charges a different fee. On average you’ll be paying about 11% of the sale price, including our fee and the fee for the website where your tickets sell. For access to our full live rate sheet click here.

How do you ensure the security of my transactions and personal information?

The security and confidentiality of your information is our top priority. We employ industry-standard encryption and security measures to safeguard your transactions and personal data throughout the concert ticket reselling process. Your payment and tax information is inputted directly into our secure payment provider Hyperwallet (a PayPal subsidiary). We never have direct access to that information.

What sets your ticket-selling platform apart from others?

We pride ourselves on providing a user-friendly and efficient ticket-selling experience. Our platform offers maximum exposure for your Broadway theater tickets, timely payments, robust support, and advanced features such as pricing, listing and fulfillment automation. We strive to deliver exceptional value and help you achieve success in selling your tickets online.