Can You Sell Concert Tickets on Facebook? Exploring Options

Facebook has been a part of many of our daily lives for years. It’s gone beyond just being a networking site, and it’s become a great way to make money. It’s even greater if you want to resell something you don’t need (or want) anymore.

That leads to multiple questions for the average Facebook user. If you’ve never sold something on Facebook before, then it’s natural to have a few concerns. "Can you sell concert tickets on Facebook?" is one of the more common questions.

In short, you can, but you’ll need to take a few steps when you’re doing it. Naturally, having a Facebook profile is one of the initial steps. After that, it’s just a matter of knowing what you’re doing, and you'll be on your way to offloading tickets before you know it.

Selling Concert Tickets on Facebook


If you want to sell concert tickets on Facebook, you shouldn’t have to put too much time or effort into it. Thankfully, the social media platform has made selling anything on-site relatively easy, provided it’s legal. It’s just a matter of being able to do it right.Selling Concert Tickets on Facebook

You wouldn’t want to just put up a post and hope for the best, after all. Facebook has implemented several tools you can use for this. While these can seem complicated at the start, they’re much easier to use than you’d think.

Facebook Marketplace is one of the more notorious selling tools. Almost anything can be sold here, and you’re sure to find plenty of potential buyers. Many of these will be local, and they’re worth putting the effort into.

As a side note, however, some apps and platforms make this easier. Lysted is one of the more notable platforms, as it sends your listing out to several platforms. If you’re trying to sell concert tickets just on Facebook, though, it’s worth diving into exactly how you can do it.

Facebook Marketplace for Ticket Sales


Facebook Marketplace is almost exactly what it sounds like. It’s an online marketplace accessible only to people who already use the platform. It lets people list products or services they want to sell and makes these easy to find for potential buyers.

Some of the most common types of products sold here include:

  1. Clothes
  2. Electronics
  3. Appliances
  4. Furniture
  5. Toys

That begs the question, can you sell concert tickets on Facebook Marketplace? You can, but it takes a little bit of effort, with this being the same no matter what you’re selling. Let’s take a look at how you can go about selling on Facebook.

Naturally, we’ll work on the presumption you already have an active Facebook profile.

Exploring Ticket Selling Options on Facebook

Exploring Ticket Selling Options on FacebookAs already mentioned, Facebook Marketplace is a popular way to sell concert tickets on Facebook. To do this, it’s a matter of creating a listing on the Marketplace and making sure it’s as appealing as possible. It’s far from the only way you can do this, though.

You could also join buy and sell groups, all of which are dedicated to selling specific items or in certain locations. Joining local buy-and-sell groups is one of the more notable ways of selling tickets on Facebook. After that, create a post in the group highlighting the tickets you want to sell, and wait for responses.

Lastly is setting up a Facebook Page and creating a shopfront with it. This is one of the more complicated options and takes effort, so you’re better off with the above options. Beyond that, Lysted is a great way to get your concert tickets listed and sold off of the social platform. 

Maximizing Ticket Sales on Facebook

You’ll naturally want to get the most out of the concert tickets you’re selling. If it’s a once-off, it’s a matter of getting as much profit as possible out of it. For more long-term sales, however, there’s more to it than that.

Consider using these methods to maximize your ticket sales on Facebook:

  1. Pick the right price
  2. Use great pictures
  3. Be willing to negotiate
  4. Do your research
  5. Spread the word
Lysted is also an exceptional choice. Not only does the platform make everything quick and easy, but you’ll get more sales and profit because of it. You’ll even avoid scams with it.

Leveraging Facebook's Selling Features

Facebook has multiple features that help you sell on Marketplace, and it’s worth taking advantage of these as much as you can. Many of these focus on increasing your listing’s visibility and communicating with potential buyers.Leveraging Facebook's Selling Features

The ability to include images is one of the more noteworthy features. Pictures grab attention as potential buyers scroll through the Marketplace. It’s one of the first features you should focus on.

After that, focus on the headline for your listing. While you’ll naturally be focusing on the specific concert tickets for sale, the heading should be appealing. Be specific with this and make it sound as tempting as possible.

The same can be said for the listing description, where you should include as much detail as you can. Where the seats are, the date of the concert and any other relevant details make quite a difference in this.

Then there’s the ability for sellers and buyers to message each other through the platform. This could be the most important feature to use. Reply to anyone who shows an interest, and properly communicate so you can get a quick sale.

Simplifying Ticket Sales


So, can you sell concert tickets on Facebook? You can, but it takes a decent bit of time and effort. Not only will you have to set everything up, but you’ll also have to optimize the listing itself. Then there are the various ways you can leverage Facebook’s selling tools and features.

These can seem complicated for almost anyone. Don’t settle for that, though. You’re much better off going with Lysted. As a platform, it’s quick and easy to use, and you shouldn’t get overwhelmed.

Your listing will be sent out to multiple social media sites and other platforms. You’ll make a faster sale, and you could even make more money with it. What’s better than that? Try Lysted today.