Strategies for Selling Concert Tickets

Whether you're reselling concert tickets you can’t use or are looking to join the ticket-selling industry, you’ll need to maximize visibility and find ways to make a profit. The platform Lysted, which is connected to over 2,000 sites and apps, automates the ticket-selling process to help you get the best prices for your tickets. Using these different strategies can help you successfully sell your concert tickets.

Sell on Multiple Sites


selling concert ticketsWhen selling tickets, place listings on multiple ticket-selling marketplaces so your tickets have a better chance of being seen and bought quickly at your asking price. For better convenience, find a single platform that allows you to have multiple website listings through one account. Lysted is a third-party platform that places your listings on top ticket-selling sites simultaneously, including Ticketmaster, StubHub, SeatGeek, VividSeat, and Gametime. 

When you create a listing to sell concert tickets through Lysted, the listing automatically appears on thousands of ticket resale websites. This includes individual ticket broker websites. To help you avoid the risk of double-selling, we remove the listing across all sites for you when you have sold your tickets. You can also track ticket sales and revenue through Lysted

Look for Free Listings 


When finding a place to sell your tickets, look to maximize your profits by saving money in fees. Find a platform that offers low fees and does not charge upfront costs. Lysted offers free listings, and we do not charge any fees until after your tickets are sold.

On average, you can anticipate paying around 11% of your list price for fees. This includes our fee and the fee for the marketplace you sold your tickets on, which can vary. We also offer volume discount tiers if you are selling many tickets, which can lower fees by up to 40%. 

Have a Competitive Price 


You want to find a price for your concert tickets that covers the cost of the ticket and your fees and gives you a profit. Pricing a ticket too high can lower interest in your tickets and make it harder to find a buyer. Evaluate the following factors when setting a price: 

  • Amount of tickets and seating availableselling concert tickets online
  • Popularity of artist or group
  • Day of the week
  • Type of seat
  • Proximity of concert

Lysted offers tools that analyze market trends and help you set a competitive price. UpTick, our pricing and data tool, provides insights based on past ticket sales and the conditions of the market. You can choose to automate prices or change them manually. 

Take Advantage of Timing 


Decide on your timing strategy. If you bought tickets during a pre-sale, place them on the market as soon as possible. Tickets for more popular artists tend to sell out quickly. Concert-goers who have missed the pre-sale or general sale may be willing to pay a higher price to get tickets to the event. You can also take advantage of last-minute ticket selling in the days leading up to the concert, allowing ticket scarcity to factor into your ticket pricing.

We also recommend utilizing social media to promote last-minute tickets. Use hashtags related to the artist and post on fan forums. Lysted streamlines the ticket-selling process, giving you increased exposure and a faster way to sell. 

Establish Trust With Buyers 


Make sure that your listing is trustworthy to increase seller interest. When posting a listing, make sure to include the date, the venue, and the seat specifics. If there are VIP benefits, include that information as well. Be transparent, noting factors such as obstructions and if the ticket is in a 21-and-older section. To verify your tickets, include a photo or screenshot of your tickets with the barcode or personal information blurred out.

Lysted takes care of listing logistics and guides you through the ticket verification process. We also offer ticket transfer through our platform.  

use secure payment processesUse Secure Payment Processes


To protect yourself and your buyers, use a secure payment method that protects your transactions. If you are selling your tickets yourself, make sure to verify the buyer to avoid scams.

Lysted utilizes security and encryption measures to protect your personal information. We use Hyperwallet for payment processing, safeguarding your sensitive information from possible data breaches. Your money is deposited directly into your bank account. Instead of having to wait until after the event to receive your payout, selling through Lysted allows you to be paid within a few weeks of the sale. 

Sell Concert Tickets With Lysted


At Lysted, we strive to make our platform user-friendly and accessible for all ticket sellers. Our goal is to simplify and streamline the ticket-selling process. With our intuitive dashboard, navigating the website is easy and efficient. Additionally, we offer automated fulfillment, a feature that automatically lists your purchased tickets and transfers them to buyers, further simplifying ticket selling.


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