How Do You Sell Concert Tickets You Can’t Use?

Unplanned events or conflicting schedules may require you to sell concert tickets you can't use. Those events may include sickness, injury, or a lack of transportation.

Lysted provides a dependable platform to help you sell your concert tickets. Here is more information about how to sell tickets that you can't use:

Determine Your Pricing


Determine your concert ticket pricingBefore listing your tickets online, determine how much you want to make from selling them. If you set the price too high, you may not have as many interested buyers. If you set the price too low, you will not get the money back that you spent on the original ticket. Evaluate various factors before listing online, including the popularity of the concert and how soon it is taking place.

Lysted provides a simple solution to your pricing needs. We have advanced tools that evaluate the current market trends and adjust your ticket price to be competitive. This will allow you to get the best rate for your tickets without having to do all the research yourself.

List the Tickets


After figuring out the ticket pricing, your next step is to list the tickets on various websites. This may require setting up several accounts with various ticket-selling vendors. You will then have to monitor each website, and as soon as your ticket sells, you will need to remove the listings from all other online pages. If you accidentally double-sell your tickets, you can be charged with penalty fees by marketplaces. You may also need to regularly update the prices on each of these websites to reflect current ticket deals.

Lysted will handle the listing and maintenance processes for you, saving you time and effort. We will post your tickets to websites such as Vivid Seats, StubHub, Ticketmaster, and more. When the tickets sell on one website, we will immediately remove all other listings to avoid duplicate transactions.

Enjoy Your Earnings


Enjoy your concert ticket earningsIf you are selling tickets on your own, you will need to handle the exchange and payment process by yourself. When you are processing online payments, please make sure that your online payment platform is safe and that you are selling the tickets to a real buyer. This helps avoid any risk of identity theft or fraud.  

When selling tickets with Lysted, we provide a secure online payment process. We will also deliver your earnings to your bank account through a protected transaction. Listing your tickets on our platform is free, but we charge a small service fee (around 11% of your listing price) after the tickets are sold. Your final payment will be available a few weeks after the buyer receives their tickets. This timely payment process allows you to enjoy your earnings without the hassle of verifying your buyer's identity and working with a third-party payment platform.

Sell Concert Tickets With Lysted Today


Lysted simplifies the ticket-selling process for our customers. We make your tickets available on a wide range of platforms, so you don't have to spend hours researching various websites. We'll provide a unified platform to help you get your money back on an unused ticket. Our team will help handle all exchanges on your behalf.

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